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MC Brokerage


1: We jointly value your MC and write a mediation agreement.
From here we take care of the rest!
2: We perform a complete goods declaration
3: We photograph your MC with high quality
4: We advertise your MC on the block, exchange car, our website and our social media
5: We handle the ENTIRE deal.
6: When the motorcycle is sold, money is paid to you within 2 weeks.

Why should we sell your motorcycle?
- You can feel secure that the vehicle is acquired in good hands.
- We can take trade-ins for your motorcycle, which increases the customer base.
- We promote your motorcycle on our social channels, Blocket and our website with professional photos and possibly video.
- We can arrange financing for the buyer to facilitate business.
- We provide a goods declaration that the buyer will take note of.
- You can sit back and let us do the work.
- We provide a guarantee to the buyer of your vehicle.

What do we convey?
- FANTIC MC up to 10 years old / Max 5000 miles.
- Motorcycle max 10 years old / 3500 miles (Exceptions may occur).
- Moped max 2 years old / max 300 miles.

Important documents:
- Original exhaust system (if otherwise fitted)
- Service documents, keys and other history/documents.

Product declaration:
We carry out a goods declaration on your vehicle through examination and test driving.
Should something need to be repaired/replaced, we will contact you for a price proposal.

Increase the chance of selling your vehicle with a brand new service!
We have a fixed price for annual service SEK 2890 for motorcycles.

10% of the selling price or a minimum of SEK 7,990.